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Should I accept a severance offer from an employer?

There are a variety of reasons that an employee or former employee may receive a severance package offer. In some cases, the severance is simply outlined in an employee's employment contract, while in other instances the severance offer comes as a part of a completed termination, as an employer attempts to protect oneself from the fallout of a faulty firing.

Retaliation and wrongful termination

Workers are sometimes in an uncomfortable position. The power dynamic of a supervisor and employee can create a situation where it’s difficult to speak up against injustice. It’s an employee’s right to a safe workplace. This means the work environment should be free of discrimination and harassment, and workers also need to be allowed time off when appropriate through a FMLA leave.

Employer retaliation against whistleblowers takes many forms

Many companies have a clear policy that requires staff to advise human resources or management if they see something inappropriate happening. These policies are the result of years of employment lawsuits about systemic harassment and discrimination. Sadly, for many companies, these policies are nothing more than a form of legal protection. Management can point to the company policy as a means of limiting liability for any harassment that happened.


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