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Reporter claims wrongful termination after assault on assignment

Employers here in Sacramento County have the same obligations to provide their employees with a safe working environment just as any other employer throughout the nation. Even when a person's work requires travel outside the country, that duty remains in place. Even though an employee of Vice Media suffered an assault while on assignment outside the country, she does not necessarily blame the company for that. She blames it for its actions afterward, which she alleges constituted wrongful termination, among other things.

The woman's co-workers claim that she feared her job would be in jeopardy after the assault despite the fact that she underwent a trauma. She claims that the head of the human resources department for Vice Media blamed her for the attack . The company says that its risk assessment indicated that her presence at the soccer match presented a medium to high chance of danger.

She claims that she requested permission not to attend, which the company granted. However, she attended anyway based on the team's experience thus far in that country, which turned out to be the wrong choice. Upon her return to the United States, she claims her superiors began discriminating against her and gave assignments previously given to her to others. The company claims it lessened her workload due to her trauma. When she complained, she says that company representatives in the human resources department suggested that she find new employment. 

Based on her treatment after the incident, she felt that the company failed to treat her appropriately. This may be something with which some Sacramento County employees may be able to empathize. Anyone who believes he or she became the victim of wrongful termination after another incident at work may benefit from discussing the matter with an employment law attorney.

Source: NBC News, "Vice Media is sued after employee is assaulted on assignment", Brandy Zadrozny, April 20, 2018

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