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Is the NFL guilty of age discrimination?

More people here in the Greater Sacramento metro and throughout the rest of the country are working longer than in decades past. This opens up more workers to age discrimination as some employers attempt to get rid of long-term employees who may be older, and cost more, than new and younger ones. No one should have to tolerate this type of discrimination, and legal options may be available for those who experience it.

For instance, nine former security officers who worked for the National Football League recently filed a lawsuit, alleging that the league terminated their employment simply because of their ages. The NFL employs 32 security representatives -- one for each team -- to perform certain functions on game days such as background checks, prescription drug audits and inspections, along with investigations as needed. The ages of the men in question ranged from the 60s to the 70s.

On July 20, 2017, the new security chief for the league told the men that their services were no longer required due to a new direction in which this area of the NFL was moving. According to the men, no one who lost their job that day was under the age of 60 and that the replacements hired to fill their positions were not as qualified. Rumors circulated that one of the men in his 70s was unable to walk the stadium any longer despite the fact that the man continues to be active and physically fit.

The nine men are seeking at least $10 million in damages for the alleged age discrimination of the NFL. They also allege that their employment status was incorrectly listed as independent contractors when they claim to have been employees. At last report, the NFL had not yet commented on the allegations or the lawsuit.

Employers who engage in age discrimination often fail to consider the qualifications and abilities of the individuals they treat differently simply based on age. Many people continue to live full and active lives well after the traditional retirement years. Those who are still able to perform their job duties should be given the chance to do so. Anyone in the Greater Sacramento metro who believe they suffered discrimination based on how old they are may have legal options.

Source:, "NFL Sued by Former Security Officers for Age Discrimination", Daniel Goldblatt, April 17, 2018

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