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Are you the victim of retaliation at work?

When you started your job here in the Greater Sacramento metro, you probably went through some sort of orientation or received an employee handbook that explains procedures regarding a variety of issues you may encounter in the workplace. This should include procedures for reporting harassment and discrimination. It should also prohibit any retaliation against you for making complaints (whether inside or outside the company) regarding those or other issues.

Unfortunately, many retaliatory actions by co-workers, managers and supervisors are often subtle. For instance, if your past performance evaluations were consistently good and then drop after you make a complaint, that could be retaliation. If you find that your work comes under greater scrutiny than it has in the past or if you are transferred to another, less desirable position, your employer could be attempting to "punish" you for speaking out regarding some wrongdoing.

More overt methods of retaliation could include physical or verbal abuse, subtle -- or not so subtle -- threats. Your supervisor or manager may change your work schedule without notice. Sometimes, lies are spread about you. The law prohibits any of these activities simply because you asserted your rights, made a complaint, asked questions or reported illegal activities in the workplace.

If you find yourself in this position, you do not have to put up with it. A large number of complaints filed regarding harassment or discrimination also include allegations of retaliation. It is far more common than you would think. An attorney here in the Greater Sacramento metro may be able to answer any additional questions you have about this or any other employment law issue and provide you with an explanation of your rights and legal options.

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