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Wrongful termination comes after HR accuses victim of lying

Working in a hostile environment has been known to cause an employee negative consequences, both emotionally and physically. Hostile work environments can range from subtle bullying, discrimination or wrongful termination. For some California employees, the reasons for the harassment or discrimination may be unknown, and the workers may have a difficult time understand why co-workers or employees mistreat them. Other workers are able to trace the abuse back to a particular action, often the act of whistleblowing.

Fortunately, the law protects workers from employees who retaliate against them. One woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit after she was wrongfully terminated. The woman worked for a hospital and says she was repeatedly the victim of sexual harassment by a co-worker. For seven months, the co-worker often showed her inappropriate pictures and shared explicit details of his personal life.

The woman claims her colleague made sexual advances toward her, but she rebuffed his attempts. After this, the man allegedly made the work environment hostile for the woman, including exposing himself to her. She reported him to human resources, but the HR agent accused the woman of lying about the harassment. There was no follow-up investigation, and the woman was subsequently fired.

To face humiliating treatment daily at work is difficult enough, but to add to that accusations of lying and wrongful termination may be emotionally overwhelming for anyone. The loss of a job also brings financial hardship and the difficulty of finding new employment after being fired. Often, a California attorney with experience in employment retaliation cases will know the best steps to take to seek redress for such wrongs.

Source:, "Hospital system fired woman for harassment report", March 9, 2018

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