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Firefighter says he suffered discrimination and harrassment

In recent years, more and more people in the Greater Sacramento metro area have felt comfortable enough with the current state of society to quit living their lives in the shadows. In many cases, members of the LGBT community have been embraced, but not in all cases. Some are met with derision and ridicule, especially at work. They face discrimination and harassment at the hands of co-workers, supervisors and employers who judge them unfairly.

This is what one California firefighter says happened to him when he finally felt confident enough to tell his co-workers about his sexual orientation in 2013. He says this is when a campaign of harassment and discrimination began. He attempted to go through the appropriate channels to make the mistreatment stop, but claims he was "shunned" at every turn.

He says those around him at work would tell him he didn't belong. Someone even started a rumor that he was involved with a minor. This type of treatment was relentless.

It even affected the types of calls to which he was forced to respond. He suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and had issues responding to car accidents, and his superiors knew this. Derogatory comments became the norm for him until he retired.

This California firefighter is not the first to suffer from discrimination and harassment due to his sexual orientation, and will likely not be the last. As reprehensible as it may seem in today's society, this type of treatment continues to happen across all industries. Everyone deserves a work environment free from this type of behavior. Anyone in the Greater Sacramento metro area suffering from a hostile work environment due to the intolerance of others may want to consider going outside the organization for help in understanding his or her rights and legal options.

Source:, "Gay Cal Fire firefighter files discrimination lawsuit", Adam Ashton, March 23, 2018

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