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Traumatic event leads to discrimination and wrongful termination

The diagnosis of a disabling condition often means someone is struggling with normal routines. This may include household tasks and work-related duties. Fortunately, the law protects workers from wrongful termination due to disabilities, and California employers must abide by these laws by making reasonable accommodations for workers who suffer from certain conditions.

One woman in another state was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder following a traumatic incident on the job. As a 911 dispatcher, the woman took a call from a man who told her he had shot someone. The caller killed himself while still on the phone but not before revealing that the man he had shot was the dispatcher's brother.

Following this harrowing call, the woman began suffering symptoms of PTSD while on the job. After receiving an official medical diagnosis, she requested accommodations of her employer in the form of an assignment to an administrative position. Instead, the woman claims she was harassed at work, disciplined for her frequent absences due to her condition and forced to resign. Her lawsuit against the city alleges that her supervisors revealed her private medical condition to her co-workers who berated her for it.

Harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination in the workplace are unfortunately common events. Nevertheless, in many cases, these practices violate state and federal laws protecting employees. When California workers face abusive treatment on the job, they have every right to seek advice and guidance from an experienced employment law attorney. An attorney can provide insights into the law and act as an ally and advocate.

Source:, "911 dispatcher sues city for wrongful termination", Aaron Montes, Jan. 8, 2018

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