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Should I accept a severance offer from an employer?

There are a variety of reasons that an employee or former employee may receive a severance package offer. In some cases, the severance is simply outlined in an employee's employment contract, while in other instances the severance offer comes as a part of a completed termination, as an employer attempts to protect oneself from the fallout of a faulty firing.

If you recently experienced an unfair firing and now find your former employer offering you a severance package, you're in a very delicate position. Depending on the nature of your dispute with your former employer, you may have a number of opportunities to negotiate more favorable terms in the severance offer and stand up for the rights of employees all around the country.

The strength of your claim often depends on the guidance you have available. Professional legal counsel from an attorney with years of experience navigating employment law can help you understand the strength of your position and protect your rights and priorities.

Is the offer truly fair?

One of the first things you must determine any time you receive a severance offer is why your employer or former employer offered it to you in the first place. Once you understand why you received the offer, then you can assess your priorities moving forward.

If your employer offered you a severance package because your employment contract mandates it, then you should review your contract from top to bottom with the help of an attorney. You may find areas of the contract that indicate you should receive a more lucrative severance package. This may mean that you should receive a larger settlement or other, non-monetary benefits.

On the other hand, if you receive a severance offer after a dispute with your employer that ends in your termination, then you may have much different leverage to fight for better terms. It is also worth exploring the possibility of securing a release from any liability if your termination involved some alleged wrongdoing on your part.

Do you have the help you need to succeed?

The good news in any situation where an employer offers you a severance package is that something is better than nothing. You could easily find yourself in a much worse position.

Do not allow your relative good fortune to keep you from exploring all of the opportunities you have available. You may truly deserve a much different severance offer than the offer your employer presents you.

Be sure to seek out all the help you need to address the full scope of your legal needs and protect your rights in the process.

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