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Physical scars of sexual harassment

Anyone in California who has experienced the humiliation of inappropriate words or actions from a co-worker or boss understands the long-lasting effects. Whether sexual harassment is a daily experience or a horrifying, one-time event, the results are often the same. The medical community is now reporting that victims should not be expected to get over the trauma because sometimes the wounds are too deep to ignore.

While men can easily be victims of sexual harassment, the recent focus has been on women fighting for a fair opportunity at success in their industries. When such a person is met with demeaning and demoralizing treatment, it can cause physical and psychological reactions that can follow him or her for years, making normal life difficult. Psychologists say that even one incident of sexual harassment can have a negative effect on someone' brain because it is a stressful event that the victim cannot control. Victims may suffer symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Working around someone who touches inappropriately can create a chemical reaction in the brain, similar to someone going into battle. To experience this every day at work can exhaust the nervous system. For some, ongoing sexual harassment on the job leads to sleep disorders, anxiety, issues with weight and feelings of nausea. High absenteeism is common among victims of harassment, and such experiences early in a person's career can lead to bouts of depression.

Sexual harassment is not a joke for the victim. It is not always something that can be easily forgotten or laughed off. Those who are victimized have recourse to legal assistance. By seeking the help of a California attorney, they may be able to seek a positive resolution for the situation.

Source:, "Why Sexual Harassment Victims Often Can't Just 'Get Over It'", Lesley McClurg Programs &, Jan. 22, 2018

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