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Delta faces allegations of discrimination

California travelers may use Delta Air Lines to reach their destinations. However, Delta now has more than its reputation on the line in light of recent complaints filed by four flight attendants. Two of the flight attendants claim they were subjected to hostile working conditions and discrimination because they are Jewish. The other two report similar discriminatory behavior, which they believe resulted from their association with other Jewish people. Though Delta strongly denies the claims, they will have to answer them in civil court.

The lawsuit filed by the flight attendants accuses the management of the airline of harboring prejudicial assumptions that Jewish people are untrustworthy and behave inappropriately. This attitude apparently included ethnic Jews, those with Jewish ancestry and anyone from Israel, both employees and passengers. The lawsuit claims the management unjustly punished Jewish employees by refusing to promote them, harassing them and wrongfully terminating them.

In one instance, a Jewish flight attendant was reportedly fired for missing a flight, but the woman claims the flight occurred while she was on maternity leave. Another woman, who was not Jewish, believes she was suspended without pay after bringing a Jewish friend along on her travel companion pass. Other flight attendants apparently faced disciplinary action after sharing their travel passes with Jewish friends flying to Israel.

Federal law protects workers from discrimination based on race, religion and country of origin. California employees who face unfair treatment on the job because of these factors have the right to seek legal counsel. An attorney with experience in employment law can provide information about the most appropriate options for seeking redress.

Source:, "Flight attendants sue Delta Air Lines for anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli attitude", Jan. 3, 2018

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