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Were you fired or wrongfully terminated?

Losing your job can be an overwhelming experience. Not only does it often come with feelings of shame and embarrassment, but it ultimately affects every area of your life. From paying your bills, keeping up with the mortgage on your California home, to purchasing food and other essentials for your family, you may have many questions and fears about the future. All of this may be compounded with the sense of injustice if the job loss was the result of a wrongful termination.

There are numerous reasons why an employer may let someone go, and often these are legitimate reasons. For example, if a worker is not meeting quotas, has committed a crime or is insubordinate, the employer may have every right to fire the employee. However, an employer can sometimes terminate a worker for illegal reasons, too.

If your supervisor gave you instructions for a task that would have required you to break the law, and you refused, your dismissal may have been retaliatory. You may also have been wrongfully terminated if you reported illegal activity in the workplace or complained about harassment or unfair treatment. Your employer may have given other excuses, such as a suddenly poor job performance. However, if you suspect there are improper reasons for your termination, you may want the advice of an attorney.

Proving your termination was retaliatory may be a challenge. At Crowl Law, we have the resources and experience to examine the circumstances of your case and determine if your job loss was a wrongful termination. California and federal employment laws protect your rights, and our law firm will assist you in defending those rights.

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