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Matt Lauer accusers feared retaliation

There are probably few in California and across the country who have not heard the startling news that Matt Lauer, long-time host of NBC's Today Show, was recently fired by the network. His sudden termination followed what NBC executives called credible allegations that Lauer committed sexual assault against at least one woman who formerly worked at the network. While the public and fans of the popular morning show may have been stunned, apparently the revelations would have come to light sooner if the accusers had not feared retaliation.

Several women report complaining to NBC executives of Lauer's inappropriate behavior, but the network denies any previous knowledge. Lauer was allegedly known for exerting his power around the network, and early reports of the scandal say his frequent trips for the network may have been used as opportunities to invite women staff members into his hotel room. Lauer also is alleged to have assaulted women in his office at the studio.

The women are taking the opportunity presented by others in the entertainment business who are coming forward to report incidents of sexual harassment and assault from other famous men. Those who have finally spoken say they delayed coming forward because of fear of retaliation from the powerful television host. The president of NBC says not a single complaint was lodged against Matt Lauer in his 20 years at the network.

Recent cases of women revealing terrifying and humiliating events from the past have made it possible for women in California and across the country to speak up about sexual harassment in the workplace. Keeping silent out of fear of retaliation often allows the alleged perpetrator to continue the behavior, perhaps victimizing many others. Those who are experiencing sexual harassment or retaliation after reporting inappropriate behavior have an advocate in a compassionate attorney.

Source: Fox News, "Matt Lauer sexual harassment allegations include exposing himself, gifting a sex toy", Leora Arnowitz, Nov. 30, 2017

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