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Ford Motor Company deals with sexual harassment

Workers at Ford Motor Company plants across the country will be seeing more of their group vice president of labor affairs and the vice president of Ford-UAW. These men are featured in a video that will play on a loop in Ford plants, warning employees of the company's stand on sexual harassment. Residents of California may applaud this effort, but for some, the actions may come too late.

The same day Ford released its 150-second video, news broke of a major sexual harassment scandal in a Ford plant in another state. The company had recently paid more than $10 million in discrimination and harassment lawsuits. To make it clear to its employees that this behavior is not condoned or tolerated, the company produced the video, which will play indefinitely on monitors in all U.S. plants.

In the video, the executives stress that discrimination, harassment and retaliation for reporting these offenses are not acceptable. They promise that every incident reported will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with. It is explained that employees have at least half a dozen ways in which they can report any inappropriate behavior.

Anyone facing sexual harassment or other illegal actions in the workplace may welcome the recent attention these types of offenses are gaining in California and across the country. Safety and security in the workplace is vital, and employers are duty-bound to take every step to ensure their workers are protected and their rights defended. Employees who are victims of mistreatment on the job can also turn to an attorney who will work to ensure the proper steps are taken to correct the situation.

Source:, "Ford is now playing a sexual harassment video on loop in its factories", Jerilyn Jordan, Dec. 21, 2017

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