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NFL employee claims wrongful termination after years of abuse

It seems that sexual harassment on the job is becoming an all-too-familiar story as more people reveal abuses from supervisors and others with power. Hearing these claims made public has given many the courage to stand up for fair treatment at work. California workers who speak up certainly hope for universal changes in the hostile environments that exist for vulnerable workers.

One woman who worked as a wardrobe stylist for the NFL Network endured more than a decade of abuse and harassment on the job. In fact, according to the woman's lawsuit, she suffered numerous forms of discrimination and mistreatment, ending with her wrongful termination in 2016 after which a younger person was hired in her place. Her responsibilities included purchasing clothing for on-air talent -- often using her own credit card -- for which she claims she was never reimbursed.

However, the most egregious behavior the woman reports is the constant sexual harassment from NFL employees. She says the men would touch her inappropriately and make lewd comments about her body. She also received nude and semi-nude photos from some employees. She claims that when she complained about the harassment, the network increased her responsibilities and cut her hours.

It is alleged that despite security videos vindicating her of wrongdoing, the network fired her for stealing from another employee. She is suing the network for wrongful termination, along with age discrimination, sexual harassment and numerous other violations of employment law. Unfortunately, this woman is not alone in suffering abuses on the job. Those in California who have similar stories to tell may find the assistance of an attorney will help them seek justice in civil courts.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "Former Wardrobe Stylist Alleges NFL Network Harassment", Oct. 26, 2017

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