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California's SoFi faces charges of violations of employment law

The California finance company Social Finance Inc. has lately faced some disturbing charges by a former employee. While original complaints limited the allegations to managers in the company's headquarters, recent filings suggest the issues may extend to the CEO himself. However, the head of SoFi has decided to fight the allegations that he has violated employment law.

A specific incident apparently led to the dismissal of a senior operations manager in the company. The man claims to have witnessed another manager harassing a young, female office worker by using explicit sexual language. When the witness reported the incident to human resources, the company allegedly fired him. The manager also claims the CEO of the company had told others he would be terminating the whistleblower.

While the CEO denies taking any retaliatory action against the manager, he assures the public his own investigations show that the charges of sexual harassment in the company are unfounded. He also confirms that such behavior is unacceptable in his organization and will not be tolerated. Nevertheless, there are reports that numerous employees at SoFi are preparing to come forward as victims of harassment or witnesses to its prevalence in the leadership of the company.

The whistleblower in this case describes a setting in which males use their power to intimidate females. Such workplace environments can be cancerous, spreading an attitude of entitlement that often leads to violations of employment law. Those in California facing similar situations may feel intimidated and reluctant to come forward. With the help of an attorney, they may have the support and guidance to help them take a stand against unjust treatment.

Source:, "SoFi CEO Added to Ex-Employee's Suit Over Sexual Harassment", Pamela Maclean, Sept. 4, 2017

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