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Is sexual harassment the norm at TV networks?

In recent months, TV networks have been quick to report the misconduct of their rivals. Now one of the most vocal is facing similar charges. NBC has been accused of a pattern of sexual harassment and discrimination against its female employees. California workers who are mistreated by their employers will likely be watching closely as the case proceeds.

The audio-visual coordinator no longer works for NBC, but that was not her choice. She claims she was fired after complaining about the treatment she received from her male supervisor. In fact, from the time an NBC recruiter contacted her about the job, the woman suspected something was amiss. She was required to submit her Facebook profile picture before the company would consider interviewing her because, as the recruiter allegedly explained, they only hired attractive people.

After accepting the position, the AV coordinator claims her supervisor regularly made lewd remarks, objectifying her to others in the office. Executives at the network apparently did nothing to intervene when the woman complained. Additionally, after she suffered two epileptic seizures on the job, the network demoted her and cut her pay. Finally, when she complained, they fired her.

The woman has filed a lawsuit for sexual harassment, wrongful termination and disability discrimination. Because executives apparently turned a blind eye to the hostile environment, the culture of abuse seemed to be widely accepted. In fact, many TV viewers may be wondering if this culture exists universally in the media world. California employees dealing with similar harassment on the job may learn of the options available for pursuing justice through the civil courts by contacting an experienced attorney.

Source:, "NBC Lawsuit: The Network's Desire for 'Attractive Employees' Created a 'Toxic Environment'", Kathryn Covert, July 31, 2017

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