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Whistleblowers are protected from retaliation

Any California employee should be able to report his or her employer's violation of law or breaching of public trust and should not have to fear termination. Nevertheless, even though the vital role whistleblowers play in society is recognized by state and federal authorities, retaliation is prevalent. However, more and more states now have laws to protect employees that blow the whistle on their employers.

Employers have a duty to protect workers from retaliation

Discrimination in the workplace can create an environment of hostility and mistrust. When managers or supervisors mistreat employees in protected classes, such as race or gender, they are violating laws that protect such groups of people. Co-workers often notice when a boss behaves this way, and they may report such mistreatment to those in authority over the supervisor. The problems are compounded if the supervisor launches a campaign of retaliation against the whistleblower.

Age discrimination a growing problem in California

There is something satisfying about doing a job well. However, it often takes time to develop the skills sufficient to move forward in a position and contribute to the achievements of a company. After years, or even decades, in a company, an employee may feel emotionally and personally vested in its success. However, more workers in California and across the country are finding themselves victims of age discrimination as they reach this point in their careers.

Is sexual harassment the norm at TV networks?

In recent months, TV networks have been quick to report the misconduct of their rivals. Now one of the most vocal is facing similar charges. NBC has been accused of a pattern of sexual harassment and discrimination against its female employees. California workers who are mistreated by their employers will likely be watching closely as the case proceeds.


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