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Former Fox anchor working to prevent workplace harassment

For too many people in California, harassment and mistreatment are just another part of the work day. Women may be especially vulnerable to the advances and abuse of more powerful people in their companies, but certainly men also face discrimination in the workplace. As the culture evolves and more people seek justice and fairness in all aspects of life, it may seem incongruous that people are still sexually harassed on the job, but former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson is trying to do something to change that.

The environment at Fox News was apparently one of pervasive harassment. Once Gretchen Carlson came forward last year with a harassment lawsuit against the network and its CEO, Roger Ailes, she received messages of gratitude from thousands of women who were fighting the same daily battle at work. She understands their reluctance to come forward and compares her own experience to jumping off a cliff.

Many who complain about harassment or discrimination in the workplace are forced to settle the matter through arbitration. This means that the details of the abuse are confidential, and other abused employees may not realize their co-workers are fighting the same battle. Carlson is working to change this situation. Carlson believes that by coming forward with her own workplace struggle, she empowered many others to speak up for themselves, not only about harassment but unfair wages and other important issues.

While it may be inspiring to see the courage of Gretchen Carlson dealing with the workplace harassment she faced, those in California who are facing their daily struggles on the job may feel they need more direct assistance. In many cases, workplace harassment is illegal, and employees have the right to seek legal counsel to fight for their rights to a peaceful and fair work environment. A dedicated employment attorney can provide guidance and advice for the options available to deal with harassment on the job.

Source: Forbes, "How Gretchen Carlson Is Fighting To End Workplace Sexual Harassment", Madeline Berg, Accessed on July 9, 2017

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