Representation For Victims Of Harassment On The Job

Were you the target of, or privy to, repeated instances of verbal, physical and visual sexual harassment at your workplace in greater Sacramento?

Sexual harassment on the job is distracting, insulting — and illegal. Employers, supervisors and co-workers who engage in this on-the-job abuse do so are at their own peril.

Our law firm takes a firm stand against this kind of misconduct in the business world, and in labor circles. We are Crowl Law, founded by employment law attorney Pat Crowl.

Pat's background in business management, and reputation for successful advocacy for employee plaintiffs, have shown him how California employment statutes work on both sides of these disputes. He can anticipate an employer's defense tactics and counter with strategies of his own, on your behalf, inside and outside of the courtroom.

Crowl Law Protects The Rights Of Employees Victimized By Sexual Harassment

Harassment can take the form of an unwelcome comment, directed to a certain person or overheard; groping or physical closeness that is clearly inappropriate; or a lewd poster displayed at a work site occupied by members of both sexes.

Any of these behaviors can be interpreted as examples of harassment that contributes to a hostile work environment — and as cause for a person or group to pursue a harassment lawsuit.

If you are considering suing for workplace harassment that has you rethinking your career plans, the lawyer you should speak with is Pat Crowl of Crowl Law in Sacramento. Your initial consultation is easy to schedule. Simply call 916-287-0048 or send an email message.