Protecting The Rights Of Workers In Discrimination Cases

It's hard to believe that discrimination against dedicated, hardworking employees still exists in California and the U.S., but it does.

Did your career path suffer due to an employer's selective mistreatment of you because of your race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, pregnancy or your request for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) time off the job?

You may find this hard to believe too, but justice is within your grasp — with the help of employment attorney Pat Crowl, founder of Crowl Law, in Sacramento.

Pat has a business management background that showed him employment law from a different perspective. He applies these insights, broad knowledge of the statutes and a dedication to personal service when, as your lawyer, he represents your worker rights against an employer in a dispute.

Pat Crowl Of Crowl Law — Responsive, Resourceful, Reputation For Positive Results In Employment Discrimination Cases

Work discrimination can be easily detected in hiring and firing practices, promotions and demotions, salary decreases and changes in job duties to make them more difficult. Employees can also be discriminated against and wrongfully terminated for reasons that are much more subtle. This is why you should be in touch with Crowl Law to tell Pat Crowl your side of the story during an initial consultation.

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