Has Your Employer Retaliated Against You?

When employees notice ethical and legal irregularities on the job — under-the-table payoffs, preferences in promotions and sexual favors exchanged — those workers have a duty to report such breaches to his or her employer.

If one or more of these situations sounds familiar, and you were retaliated against by your employer, our Sacramento law firm has the grasp of employment law that can help you.

We are Crowl Law, established by Pat Crowl to help California workers just like you. We provide quality, attentive representation to whistleblowers from start to finish of the legal process. If you have been wrongfully terminated because you stepped forward to talk about what you witnessed, we work aggressively to protect your rights.

Representing Employees Who Have Suffered From Retaliation At Work

Pat Crowl is a lawyer who personally relates to your frustrations. He has been an employee in private business, with management experience that exposed him to the many ways that employment law works. This empathy, and his steadfast commitment to the goals of "the little guy," powers his efforts on your behalf.

Don't allow your work life to be defined by an employer's outlandish, illegal reaction to your report of illegal or unethical actions at your business. You can fight back by giving attorney Pat Crowl the chance to pursue money damages for you. Pat is highly proficient at skillful negotiations with a defendant's counsel, and equally versed in litigating a claim to a favorable outcome.

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