Achieving Justice For The Wrongfully Terminated

Do you suspect that your sudden, unexplained dismissal from your job — the job you depended on to help provide for your family — was issued in direct violation of public policy?

An employment law attorney, someone well-versed in California statutes governing workplace relationships, can make that determination.

Pat Crowl at Crowl Law in Sacramento is glad to make that determination, and aggressively protect your rights if they came under siege at your place of employment.

Pat uses his familiarity with wrongful termination cases to seek maximum financial damages on behalf of employees who feel they were dismissed for an inaccurate reason, or no reason at all.

Wrongfully Terminated? Fired Illegally? Pat Crowl And Crowl Law Safeguard Your Interests

Did you lose your job because you refused to violate the law, at the instruction of a supervisor?

Were you dismissed because you witnessed, reported or resisted illegal activity in the workplace?

Have you been a frequent target of sexual harassment, and reacted in ways that caused you to be fired?

You need help — you need it immediately — and Pat Crowl is the attorney with the resources and responsiveness that can make a difference. Call our Crowl Law office in Sacramento today at 916-287-0048 or stay at our website to reach us by email message.